Our Work

Since 2010, GObike Buffalo has worked to bring back the social street in the City of Buffalo. Our initiatives provide education and advocacy for rebuilding out streets and infrastructure to support community health, boost local economy, reduce air pollution and environmental impacts caused by unsustainable and inefficient transportation, provide opportunities and access to jobs, and reconnect our city. 


Recycle a Bike Program

Recycle-A-Bicycle is an educational program for children of all ages that encourages hands-on problem-solving skills; understanding of working with tools; and identification of bicycle parts, mechanics, and functionality. Most importantly, problem-solving skills learned through building a bike will be carried beyond the classroom and into their entire lives.

Bicycle Benefits Program

Bicycle Benefits is a national progressive bicycling program designed to reward individuals and businesses for their commitment to cleaner air, personal health, and the use of pedaling energy in order to create a more sustainable community. The program decreases parking demand, increases helmet use, and improves cyclists’ safety and health by putting more people on bikes.


Complete Streets

GObike Buffalo is a strong advocate of Complete Streets, a nationwide effort to ensure that when a roadway is constructed or repaired in the City of Buffalo, equal consideration is given to commuters of all kinds – including bicyclists, pedestrians, public transportation users, children, people pushing baby strollers and the disabled.


Buffalo: A Bicycle Friendly City

We want to make cycling simple for people of all ages and abilities in the City of Buffalo. We work to improve Buffalo's Bike Friendly Community certification through the League of American Bicyclists by improving cycling in five areas—engineering, education, encouragement, evaluation and planning, and enforcement—in order for Buffalo to achieve silver-level bicycle friendly community by 2017.


Bike Parking

Bike parking is vital and easy, and benefits our economy, environment, and health. In addition, under the Buffalo Green Code, bike parking is required for any development which involves new building, expansion of an existing principal building by 25% or 2,500 square feet, or substantial renovation of an existing principal building. The number of bicycle parking requests required is determined by the principal use of the building. For example, a hotel must have 1 bicycle parking space per 20 rooms, a restaurant must have 1 per 3,000 square feet, and professional offices must have 1 per 10,000 square feet.


Buffalo Bike Master Plan

The Buffalo Bicycle Facility Master Plan is a collaborative project with the City of Buffalo and GObike Buffalo working together to make the city more bicycle friendly. The effort documented the community’s comprehensive vision and provide a detailed work plan for increasing the attractiveness of bicycling over time as a key strategy for enhancing overall livability in Buffalo. It complements current plans and outline how the community’s vision to become more bicycle friendly will be achieved over time. 


Highways to Boulevards

Across New York State, many communities have experienced significant economic declines in their core downtowns over the last 50 years. While many factors are to blame for the economic stagnation, many communities were impacted by transportation decisions made in the 1950s and 60s, that served to effectively cut off their downtowns by constructing expressways through key areas.

Transportation Demand Management

Instead of increasing the supply of parking, GObike Buffalo works with developers, businesses, and institutions to reduce travel demand by making alternatives to driving alone—such as biking, transit, and carpooling—easier for everyone. Let us help you plan.