Improving Central Avenue


As a continuation of the Central Connection collaborative effort, the Chautauqua Region Economic Development Corporation (CREDC) and Chautauqua Health Network have tasked GObike with undertaking a closer look at pedestrian and bicyclist infrastructure and connectivity along Central Avenue. Over the next several months, GObike will work with the community to identify additional design interventions along Central Ave between the Village of Fredonia and the City of Dunkirk to improve safety and accessibility along the corridor. This process will involve community outreach to identify priority locations, gather feedback on potential designs, pre- and post-implementation data collection (qualitative and quantitative), and implementation of priority design interventions. 

To guide this process, GObike has also gathered a group of community stakeholders that will convene at key points between now and Summer 2024. Stakeholders include representatives from the Village of Fredonia, City of Dunkirk, Chautauqua County, SUNY Fredonia, school districts, police and fire, community organizations, and the Chamber of Commerce. This group will periodically meet throughout the process to vet and inform proposed engagement processes and designs.



Potential Outcomes

Based on community input and review guidance from municipal partners, GObike will implement changes to the roadway to make the experience of using Central Avenue safer and more accessible for pedestrians, bicyclists, micro-mobility users, and drivers. Potential tools that GObike will consider using include temporary infrastructure, such as painted bumpouts, crosswalks, bollards, rubber curbs, signage, bike lane improvements, and more. All changes will be designed by our Complete Streets Engineer, Jim Jones, who is a licensed engineer with over 30 years of experience in municipal roadway design. Designs will also be reviewed by the municipality that has jurisdiction over the project location, and implementation will be permitted prior to the start of work.

Please take our survey, and comment on our map

Community residents and visitors are encouraged to inform this process through an online survey and interactive map where comments can be made about specific locations.

GObike is currently compiling a list of community events where we can table in the community and have 1-on-1 conversations with residents about their concerns and ideas. We’ll also be stopping by businesses on or near Central Avenue in early November to drop off fliers with information about the project and a QR code/link to take the survey.

Would you like to receive information about upcoming public meetings, surveys, data collected, and final reports?
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Want to talk in-person about your experience along Central Avenue and the improvements you’d like to see? While our initial survey remains open, please come and say hello when we set up a table at the following events:

  • November 25 @ Dunkirk Christmas on Central Holiday Event, 9-5
  • December 2: Tabling @ Miracle on Main Street (Fredonia), 9-5


  • Fall-Winter 2023: Community Outreach to Identify Priority Locations + Existing Conditions Analysis
  • December 7, 2023: Initial Survey Closes
  • Winter 2024: Draft Preliminary Designs + Seek Community Input on Preferred Designs
  • Spring 2024: Design Review, Permitting, Material Acquisition, and Implementation Planning
  • Late Spring 2024: Implementation of Priority Projects
  • Summer 2024: Post-Implementation Data Collection and Community Survey

Project Partners

This project is made possible by funding provided by the Chautauqua Region Economic Development Corporation and by the Chautauqua Health Network. Other project partners include the Village of Fredonia, City of Dunkirk, Chautauqua County, SUNY Fredonia, Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation’s Local Economic Development Committee, and the Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo.