Pop-Up Complete Streets 2017

Communities Building Safer Streets

Pop-up complete streets projects are temporary street treatments that provide community members and decision-makers with a tangible visualization of how walking, bicycling, and public transit facilities can create safer, more engaging streets.


Our First Year: Fillmore Avenue Road Diet and Crosswalks at Schools

In our first year applying pop-up complete streets, GObike set an ambitious goal of executing a road diet in Martin Luther King Park, adding bike lanes and community-painted bike lanes on the four-lane, park-intersecting Fillmore Avenue and painted crosswalks at several community schools in Buffalo and Niagara Falls.

Project Name/AreaCrosswalksBump-OutsSharrowsBikeonsCommunity Partners
Niagara FallsCornell Cooperative Extension
Niagara Street Elementary24Cornell Cooperative Extension
79th Street Elementary1Cornell Cooperative Extension
Maple Avenue Elementary2Cornell Cooperative Extension
Hyde Park Preparatory2Cornell Cooperative Extension
LaSalle Preparatory2Cornell Cooperative Extension
Herman/Best9King Urban Life
Paderewski/Detroit8Greater East Side Fields of Dreams Block Club Association
Martin Luther King Park - Fillmore Road Diet2East Side Bike Club, Slow Roll Buffalo, Metropolitan United Methodist Church

Project Benefits


Pop-up projects provide connectivity between neighborhoods, parks and greenspaces, and business districts, allowing residents to safely meet their needs.


Crosswalks and curb bump-outs encourage walking by making it safer for people to do so. They enhance our transportation network by creating increased access for pedestrians.


Pop-up complete streets slow down motor vehicle traffic thus improving safety for pedestrians.

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