Niagara Falls Healthy Streets Initiative


Hi! We’re GObike. We develop safer ways for people to walk, bike, drive or use public transportation. We’re excited to work on this project in collaboration with the City of Niagara Falls with the support of the Verizon Media Community Benefit Fund for Niagara County, the Health Research Institute (NYSDOH), and the Downtown Revitalization Initiative.

In 2021, the City of Niagara Falls approached us to develop a solution to increase safety and access for pedestrians and cyclists to Main Street and the Niagara Gorge. Currently, along Main Street, the lack of traffic control divides and pedestrian accommodations contribute to an unsafe environment for cyclists and pedestrians. An underlying issue in this area is that between 2017 and 2021 (NYSDOT), seven pedestrians and cyclists were struck by vehicles, each resulting in injury.

Within a half mile of this intersection, there are roughly 2,310 residents (American Community Survey 5-year Estimates, 2015-2019). Based on counts conducted by GObike, 48 pedestrians and bicyclists utilize this corridor every day. Nearly 20% of the households in this area do not own a car. Two different NFTA bus routes also serve this population.

City of Niagara Falls leadership identified potential sites along this corridor, and we have determined that the corner of Main Street, Chasm Avenue and Monteagle Street will be the perfect location for this pilot project. By the summer of 2022, we expect to have implemented a design that takes into account the surrounding community’s input on traffic speed, access and safety.

Connections to existing and planned pedestrian infrastructure

Below is a snapshot of the entire intersection, where Main Street becomes Lewiston Road and Chasm and Monteagle converge.

  • Chasm Avenue and Monteagle Street provides continuous access from the Highland neighborhood to Whirlpool Street and the Niagara Gorge. Improvements to this intersection will therefore improve accessibility to the Gorge and a new trail for Niagara Falls residents.
  • Main Street/Lewiston Road currently lacks crosswalks at this intersection. This limits safe access to both Whirlpool Street and surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Implementing quick-build traffic calming measures at this intersection can significantly improve pedestrian safety and comfort.
  • This route aligns with recommendations outlined by the proposed Niagara Falls Bike Master Plan.

Healthy, Complete Streets; Designed around your input.


At GObike, we envision a happy, healthy, and connected city where every person is able to get safely and easily where they need and want to go—no matter how they choose to get there.

The vision for this project should be created primarily by the residents in the surrounding area. Before design begins, we want to hear from you! What amenities should this section of Main Street have? How do you utilize this area? Take our survey below.

Project Partners