Making an off-road connection between Lancaster, Depew and Cheektowaga


The Greater Buffalo Niagara Regional Transportation Council (GBNRTC)’s regional bicycle master plan identified the Lancaster Heritage Trail extension as one of the top 15 off-road corridors to prioritize for implementation in Erie and Niagara Counties. This 5.1-mile trail would close an off-road trail gap between the existing Lancaster Heritage Trail (Lancaster) and the existing Lehigh Valley Railroad Rail Trail in Cheektowaga. GObike will be working with the municipalities to develop a feasibility study to advance the potential this corridor may have on improving the safety, access, health and environmental sustainability of the communities it may travel through.



Connecting Off-Road Bike Infrastructure

Below is a map of the area of interest, including the Heritage Trail, Lehigh Valley trail, and the gap between.

Update: As of 11/7/22, we have now completed the first round of engagement with a survey. We’ll be compiling results soon.

The community’s voice, as potential users of this trail connection, is critical to us at this stage, before we complete our plans and develop designs. Please take this brief survey about how you use/don’t use the current trails, what amenities you’d like to see within the connection, and anything else you’d like us to know while we work together to build out this connection.

Thank you!

Survey Currently Closed




Community Engagement Phase 1: Begins August 9, 2022. Ended November 7, 2022.

From August 9 through roughly November 9, 2022, we’ll work to get this project page and survey in front of as many folks connected to this region as possible. Please pass it on to your friends and family who may also be affected by this corridor.

Project Partners