While we love to bike, GObike Buffalo’s role goes much deeper and our impact has been significant.


We are an active mobility culture within connected, and sustainable communities. Our collective efforts are having a positive impact on wellness, our environment, our streets, and our economy.


GObike promotes active mobility options, trails and greenways, and complete streets in Western New York. We connect and empower communities through advocacy, education, planning, and engagement.

Our Areas of Work


We advocate for complete streets, a national effort to ensure consideration for commuters of all kinds are included in new road construction, making it easier to cross the street, bike to work, and enjoy the streetscape. View our Better Streets, Better Buffalo campaign.

Commuter Planning

Through our GO Buffalo Niagara program, we help residents and employees choose travel options that are better for their bank accounts, health, and the environment. We work with employees, employers, and developers to develop a transportation plan that works for them.

Infrastructure Planning

We are creating a healthier, more resilient Western New York region through active infrastructure planning projects and policy development. Our recent projects include conducting a feasibility study for the Southern Tier Trail and developing a bicycle master plan for the City of Niagara Falls.

Bike Mechanic Education

Through our community workshop, youth recycle-a-bicycle program, and pop-up mobile repair, we encourage bicyclists of all ages and interest levels to repair their own bicycles.

Traffic Safety Education

By car, bike, or foot, we share the road. We teach road users how to share space, helping everyone get where they need to go–safely, comfortably, and efficiently.

Pop-Up Complete Streets

We support complete streets development in communities across Western New York by installing temporary installations of crosswalks, bike lanes, curb bump-outs, and other elements to improve the safety of our streets.


We are leaders in connecting and empowering communities through active mobility. As champions of active mobility options, trails and greenways, and complete streets, we look forward to supporting your initiatives.