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We are leaders in connecting and empowering communities through active mobility. As champions of active mobility options, trails and greenways, and complete streets, we look forward to supporting your initiatives.

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ConsultingBike ParkingBike Parking ConsultationLet GObike staff help you assess your bike parking needs. GObike will provide recommendations on parking types, locations, and spacing to meet demand.
ConsultingPolicy Proposals, Reviews & AnalysisAgency Coordination, Network Advancement, Safety, Complete Streets, Highway Removal, Safety EnforcementAre you ready to prioritize active transportation in your municipality or at your institution? GObike's team can assist with policy development and proposals, review and analysis, as well as recommendations and plans for implementation.
ConsultingTDM PlanningSite, Development PlansDo you want your building to attract the new wave of environment-conscious companies? Do you want to market your apartments to the new workforce generation who don’t want a car-dependent lifestyle? Are you looking for LEED certification or need to fulfill City TDM mandates? We’ll work with you to make your property or development friendly to sustainable transportation options.
RetailBicycle RecyclingReclaiming Parts / ComponentsLearn how to strip down bicycles, keep components, and build a new bike.
RetailBike ParkingBike Rack (Item)Invest in bike parking for your building. Our standard bike rack provides secure and durable parking for two bikes. Note: racks installed on public sidewalks may require a permit.
ServiceBike ParkingBike Rack InstallationLet GObike help you install your new bike rack. We'll bring the needed tools and help you achieve appropriate spacing.
ServiceFender Blender3 day rental of the fender blender and accessories. Only open to organizations and (community) groups.
ServiceFleet MaintenanceOnsite repairs for fleets of bicycles owned by private or public entities
ServiceMobile RepairWe bring tools, parts and supplies and perform basic repairs for people free of charge.
ServiceTDM ImplementationTechnical Assistance: Parking ManagementProviding parking for your tenants can be expensive. We can help you save money by reducing your need for parking. When you provide quality transportation options for your tenants, they won’t be as inclined to drive to work or need a car.
ServiceTDM PlanningCommuter AssistanceAnalyze. Recommend. Implement. Our team of transportation experts will work directly with you to create a customized set of commuter benefits for your employees. Our assessments are quick – we know how to be in-depth without being in your way. Contact us today to get started.
ServiceTDM PlanningGuaranteed Ride HomeMany employees feel that if they walked, biked, took transit or carpooled to work and an emergency occurred, they’d be stranded at work. Create a Guaranteed Ride Home Program that provides employees with a free taxi-ride home in the event of an emergency. It will provide them with some peace of mind and will let them know that you have their back and appreciate their commuting choice.
ServiceTDM PlanningOutreach MaterialsReady to get the word out about transportation options and programs available to your employees or tenants? We can create customized marketing materials specific to services available near your location and the programs you offer. Contact us today for more information.
ServiceTDM PlanningReferrals to NFTA, ReddyWant to make it easier to bike to work? We can help you plan out, order and install bicycle accommodations for your workplace – from bike racks to lockers, changing rooms and showers. We can also help you implement other incentives to encourage employees to bike to work.
ServiceTDM PlanningTMA MembershipFor building owners and managers, business membership to Go Buffalo Niagara provides credits needed to meet the City of Buffalo’s Green Code requirements for Transportation Demand Management (TDM). This is because Go Buffalo Niagara is a Transportation Management Association (TMA) with a broad range of member services. We also offer individual services “A La Carte” for specific needs. Link to GOBN:https://www.gobuffaloniagara.org/business-membership
TrainingTDM PlanningSmart CyclingFollowing the League of American Bicyclists curiculum this two day lecuture and on bike class will provided as wealth of knowlege regarding cycling best practices.. Prerequisite for LCI certification.
TrainingBicycle Education WorkshopCustom Classes and WorkshopsWe work with you to design and hands on workshop or class based on your interest or need.
TrainingBicycle Education WorkshopSmart CyclingFollowing the League of American Bicyclists curiculum this two day lecuture and on bike class will provided as wealth of knowlege regarding cycling best practices.. Prerequisite for LCI certification.
TrainingBike RepairEarn-A-BikeWe work with you to design and hands on workshop or class based on your interest or need.
TrainingBike RepairRecycle-A-BicycleStudents take a bike apart and build it back up while learning bicycle mechanic skills. At the end of the program students go on group rides to learn proper bicycle and traffic safety. Each student takes home the bike they built.
TrainingPolicy EducationComplete Streets WorkshopsGObike will teach elected officials, community leaders, and health and wellness organizations how to implement complete streets policy in their community.
TrainingSafety Education WorkshopBicycle SafetyLearn how to safely ride a bicycle in traffic and with groups
TrainingSafety Education WorkshopFuture CommutersStudents go on group bike rides to learn proper bicycle and traffic safety. Students also recieve a lesson on basic roadside repair. This class can be done using a fleet of rental bikes or refurbished bikes can be purchased for each participant to take home.