Transportation Demand Management


GO Buffalo Niagara is committed to providing you with better transportation options beyond driving alone.

GO Buffalo Niagara is a key program of GObike that works to reduce the number of cars on the road and the problems they cause, including pollution, crashes, and valuable resources lost to parking. We serve commuters and residents with rideshare, ride home and commuter perks programs, and provide consulting for employers, businesses, developers, schools, and other institutions across Erie and Niagara Counties as members.


Perks for Commuters


GO Buffalo Niagara is here to make it easier to get where you need to go by biking, walking, riding transit, carpooling and other sustainable modes of transportation across WNY.  We provide a variety of online tools, including a commute cost calculator, interactive maps, and a rideshare portal to find carpools, bike buddies, and transit routes.


GO Buffalo Niagara line.

Consulting for member businesses and property owners/managers


In addition to helping community members explore their transportation options, GO Buffalo Niagara provides outreach and technical assistance to member businesses and property owners/managers to develop transportation solutions for employees, students, clients, visitors, and tenants.

Employers and property owners dealing with limited parking, lack of transit service, or the need to attract and retain employees or tenants can stand out by providing great benefits while advancing sustainability, wellness, and return on investment. GO Buffalo Niagara offers fee-based planning services and business memberships that analyze your organization’s or property’s transportation needs, then offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to meet them.