Arcade Multi-Use Trail Feasibility Study


The Arcade Multi-Use Trail Feasibility Study will develop a cohesive set of concept-level plans and strategies, with defined priorities, to guide the Village in improving and expanding pedestrian and bicycle access within the Village of Arcade and region. The results of the study will identify opportunities to enhance safety and accessibility for pedestrians and bicyclists in Arcade and will recommend projects and strategies based on the determination of needs of area pedestrians and cyclists.
Verity Engineering, DPC, Byer Planning, and GObike Buffalo have been selected through RFP to produce the Arcade Multi-Use Trail Feasibility Study for the Village of Arcade under Genesee Transportation Council (GTC) UPWP Task #6550.



Interest in walking, hiking, and bicycling is strong within the Village of Arcade: In 2019, a walking club was established at the Arcade Elementary School and, in 2022, the High School organized a Hiking Club. Local children often walk to school with their parents.
However, there are currently no regional trails in southwestern Wyoming County. Arcade, as the hub of a three-county region, is an ideal location for assessing trail feasibility. Potential exists to connect the village to the Genesee Valley Greenway Trail, Erie County Bureau of Forestry hiking trails in East Concord, Rushford Lake, and the Beaver Meadow Nature Center.  Development of a multi-use trail connecting these resources would help create an extensive active transportation network.

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Trail Benefits


Multi-use trails will connect Arcade residents and visitors to the natural, historic, and cultural splendor of the Western New York region.


The positive economic impacts of trails include recreation-based tourism, an increase in property values, an enhanced ability to attract new employers and employees, and the development of new industries, such as visitor services, to accommodate the increase in recreational opportunities in the area.

Health and Well-Being

Physical activity improves mental health and lowers the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and various cancers. Studies show that every $1 invested in recreation trails yields $3 in direct medical benefit.


Multi-use trails protect open space and provide corridors for wildlife. They create linear green space, thus preserving needed links between fragmented habitats and increasing available connected green space for many species.


Trails provide transportation alternatives to those who choose not to drive or those who do not have access to a car. Completion of trail networks increase local mobility options and provide accessibility to nearby parks, playgrounds, and sports fields, increasing access to additional recreational opportunities in neighborhoods along trail corridors.


Off-road trails provide safe recreational opportunities for a variety of users. They provide a designated space for bicyclists, pedestrians, joggers, and others.

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Genesee Transportation Council’s (GTC) Regional Trails Initiative identified a planned rail-with-trail project linking Arcade to the
Beaver Meadow Audubon Center in Java, a potential 11.4 mile trail network link.

Arcade Elementary School walking club established

Pioneer High School hiking club founded