East Side Trails Feasibility Study


The East Side Trails project is a combination of infrastructure improvements, including the existing off-road Scajaquada Creek Path in Cold Springs and sidepath on William Gaiter Pkwy, along with new on and off-road connections to link the two paths to each other and to the North Buffalo Rail Trail.

Goals for the East Side Trails project include addressing gaps in connectivity between neighborhoods and parks and greenspaces. Through project engagements to-date, GObike has heard that many neighbors on the East Side enjoy taking walks, but often do not have a safe or comfortable place to walk in their own neighborhood. Improving access, safety, and comfort for East Side residents is paramount. With the completion of the East Side Trails project, neighbors along William L. Gaiter Pkwy would have continuous off-road access to McCarthy Park. Additionally, the paths would promote safer connectivity to transit hubs at LaSalle Station and East Delavan at Main

William L. Gaiter Parkway


What’s the plan?

The East Side Trails include, as their guiding strategies, an equitable development plan that aims to ensure the project accrues resources, capacity, ownership and power to nearby residents’ groups and community based organizations.

The study outlines the preferred route (see the map below) and includes rationale for the route selected.

Preliminary designs have been developed through the study process and influenced by community feedback. These designs include details such as lighting, signage, landscaping, pathway width and surface material. Please note, designs produced to-date have not been approved by the City of Buffalo and are subject to change based on community feedback.

The process also lays out steps for implementation, cost estimates, recommended maintenance activities and frequency, as well as who and how the facilities may be maintained.


Scajaquada Creek Trail, between Humboldt Pkwy and Donaldson

Project Vision

Setting a vision for the impact of East Side Trails on and off-road facilities requires active engagement from community representatives like block clubs, nonprofit organizations, and businesses established within the neighborhoods in close proximity to the proposed pathways. GObike’s role is to facilitate, support, and collaborate with residents of the community to develop designs and process that will promote policies and resources for the community’s vision.
Watch and listen to what project stakeholders have to say about the project.

Review Draft Designs from April 2023 Here

You can review every aspect of the East Side Trails draft design here, block-by-block, slide-by-slide. Nearby residents and business-owners, thank you for your input. It’s critical to this project’s success.

If you would like to leave a comment with a question or feedback directly on a slide, click [Google Slides] in the bottom right and open in a new tab. With a Google account, you can comment directly on each slide with questions and feedback. If you do not have a Google account, you can leave general feedback using the Form linked here.

Project Materials & Resources Library

Community Engagement

We believe those who live in these communities are, by nature, best-positioned to make decisions about their community. GObike is committed to ensuring that the East Side Trail Connections will be a project driven by community members, for community members. 

We’re proud to partner with  Heart of the City Neighborhoods, Inc.  to bring East Side residents’ perspectives to the table. Together, we will work to create and hold space for ideas, conversations, and decision-making, all with the goal of moving toward creating a better, safer way to move around town. With an informed and engaged community, that is in regular contact with its city representatives, a project like the East Side Trails becomes more than just an ambitious plan–it can become real.

Community Organizations

Here are a few of the community groups and organizations that we’re working with to make this project a reality:

Delavan-Grider Community Center

Fillmore Forward, Inc.

Hamlin Park Community & Taxpayers Association

Mount Olive Baptist Church/Mount Olive Development Corporation

Norfolk Avenue Block Club #1

Northland Beltline Taxpayers Association

Restore Our Community Coalition (ROCC)

Trinidad Neighborhood Association


Case Studies

Urban trails and greenways are happening in cities all across the country, even in cities similar in size to Buffalo.

The Beerline Trail – Milwaulkee, Wisconsin

Metropolitan Branch Trail – Washington, DC

Robert Piram Trail – St. Paul, Minnesota

Atlanta Beltline – Atlanta, Georgia

Community Events

Engagement Events

  • JULY 9 – 10AM-1PM: Norfolk Block Club + Tool Library Neighborhood Clean-Up and Tree Planting @ William L. Gaiter Parkway (1016 E Delavan Ave)
  • JULY 23 – 3:30Pm-6:30PM: Children’s Garden Festival and Mobile Repair @ 179 Box Avenue
  • JULY 30 – 12PM-3PM: East Side Trails Public Meeting and Corridor Tour @ William L. Gaiter Parkway (1016 E Delavan Avenue)
  • AUGUST 17 – 5PM-8PM: East Side Trails Public Meeting and Corridor Tour @ Square Garden (1578 Fillmore Avenue)
  • APRIL 4 – 6PM-7:00PM: East Side Trails Public Meeting & Design Draft Review @ Frank E. Merriweather Library (1324 Jefferson Ave)

What do you think?

Your input, feedback, and support is critical to the success of this project. But, it’s also critical to the health and well-being of our communities. An engaged, connected community is an empowered one.

Our first input survey (from April – December 2022) engaged only with residents in the neighborhoods adjacent to the proposed trails. The survey is now closed.



Stakeholder Committee

As part of this project process, GObike and Heart of the City Neighborhoods, Inc. convened a stakeholder committee, full of community members and representatives of local, community based organizations. This group meets regularly, to push the process forward, as well as be trusted advisors and advocates for the communities and neighborhoods that will be most affected by the East Side Trail project. Updates to committee meetings will be posted here.

Stakeholder Committee Members

  • Stephen Arlington, University Heights Collaborative
  • Stephanie Barber-Geter, Hamlin Park Taxpayers Association and Restore Our Community Coalition
  • LaTasha Bulluck, L.A.S.T. Call Laundry and Black Girls Hike
  • Steven Butler, Ike & BG’s Restaurant
  • Allison DeHonney, Urban Fruits and Veggies and Buffalo Go Green
  • Ellen Harris-Harvey, Trinidad Neighborhood Association
  • Dr. Callie Johnson, Director of Communications and Community Engagement at Albright Knox
  • Stephanie Lee, Northland Beltline Taxpayers Association
  • Angie Davis Leveritte, Norfolk Avenue Block Club
  • Robert Mootry, Mount Olive Baptist Church/Mount Olive Development Corporation
  • Candace Moppins, Delavan Grider Community Center
  • Jasmine J. Westbrook, Buffalo Urban League-Young Professionals
  • Carl Skompinski, Board Member, Fillmore Forward, Inc.

Project Partners