Blue Bike Racks Make Their Comeback

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Quackenbush Company to install 110 bike racks throughout the city in the beginning of 2015.  Thanks to …

Buffalo’s City Code Says What?

I am at fault for not knowing the transportation laws in New York State (NYS), I admit it.  Until Gary Phillips wrote an informative blog …

30 Kids Getting Bikes for the Holidays!

Last night culminated the building of 30 kids bikes over one week of shop hours (that’s only 10 hours a week!!) to give to kids …

Carl Paladino Serves Up The Contradiction of the Year

Buffalo News ran a story this morning about what we can expect down the pike for Ohio Street.  Now that the city has finished its …

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December, 2014: Claudia Cuellar


Riding my bike is a vital activity for me almost like breathing.