The Town of Tonawanda adopted a complete streets policy in 2017 (Complete Streets pertains to building or redesigning streets and roads with all users’ accessibility and safety considered and implemented, not just how quickly cars can move through). However, the Town of Tonawanda in 2020 rejected a traffic calming proposal for Englewood Avenue due to a handful of complaints from business owners, despite residential support.

We pushed the town to uphold their commitment to their policy in a 2020 letter, and now the opportunity is presenting itself once again on Parker Boulevard.

Here’s a video of a pilot conducted there in 2017. Now making it permanent is up for debate.

Here’s GObike’s stance this time around, in a letter from our Executive Director Justin Booth:

Town of Tonawanda
Town Board
2919 Delaware Ave
Kenmore, NY 14217

RE: Support of Parker Boulevard Re-design

GObike offers its full support for the transformation of Parker Boulevard as a Complete Street to improve the health, well being and access to opportunities for residents.

Consistent with the town’s 2017 Complete Streets policy, the re-design of Parker Boulevard adheres to the approved guidance provided by the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) and sets a regional precedent for the re-development of the corridor with a focus on safety, health and a commitment to transportation equity by providing mobility for people of all ages and abilities.

As a complete street, Parker Boulevard will facilitate slower vehicle speeds exacting the correct behaviors of all users, reducing the need for enforcement and increasing property values providing an improved quality of life making the town a more desirable place to live.

Thank you for advancing this regionally significant effort and I look forward to the town

retrofitting future streets as outlined in your 2017 Complete Streets commitment.


Justin Booth

Executive Director


We strongly encourage you to consider attending the public meeting on March 14 at 7PM. Stay tuned to that link for agenda details to be released. In the meantime, you can write to your town representatives and clerk to declare your support. Letters are officially being considered from Februay 14 – March 14.

Complete Streets are meant for everyone, in every city and town in Western New York. Let’s make it finally happen, Tonawanda!