The Town of Tonawanda is finalizing plans for providing a complete street treatment Parker Boulevard at their town board meeting tonight. The project includes three mini-roundabouts, bicycle lanes, and curb-extensions for ADA sidewalk ramps. Can you spare a few minutes to support the project?

The virtual town board meeting will be hosted today, Monday, April 6, at 7 pm.

On the agenda is the finalization of engineering plans for a mini-roundabout on Parker Boulevard. Full project plans are available here.

Parker Boulevard was identified as an ideal location to pilot a complete streets project based in part on its proximity to the bike path and several major points of interest.

The Town of Tonawanda adopted a complete streets policy in 2017. However, the Town of Tonawanda recently rejected a traffic calming proposal for Englewood Avenue due to a handful of complaints from business owners, despite residential support.

The town has put together a list of frequently asked questions for the project.

Here’s GObike’s letter to the Town of Tonawanda board:

Honorable Town Board:

GObike Buffalo provides education and advocacy for rebuilding our streets and infrastructure to support community health, boost local economy, reduce air pollution and environmental impacts caused by unsustainable and inefficient transportation, provide opportunities and access to jobs, and reconnect our communities.

The Town of Tonawanda has received Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality funding to redesign Parker Boulevard between Englewood Avenue and Sheridan Drive in conformance with your Complete Street policy adopted December 18, 2017. The work proposed which includes mini-roundabouts, curb extensions and bicycle lanes are wholly consistent with national guidance, data, and research to improve safety and comfort to all-inclusive users.

Completing multimodal connectivity networks are paramount and providing these types of facilities for essential travel and health promotion has come to the forefront during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We wish to offer support for your effort to advance this project and look forward to its implementation.

Support letters can be emailed to the Town Clerk, Marguerite Greco, at