The SkyRide is GObike Buffalo's signature annual event, our fundraising bicycle tour that includes miles of open highway and an incredible, scenic ride over the 100-foot-high Skyway! Again this year, we're going to #bikethehighways, including Route 33-Kensington and Route 198-Scajaquada! We're also hosting a bike-themed festival in LaSalle Park after the ride, with food, drinks, community partners and entertainment.

As Buffalo's Skyway reaches its life expectancy, its future has become uncertain. Some stakeholders in our city are calling for it to be torn down, while others want to see it creatively re-purposed. 

Naturally, we asked, "What would it look like if we rode our bikes over it?" We took our idea and rode with it. We discovered breathtaking views of our city and waterfront, and a window — 100 feet in the air — through which to reimagine not only the Skyway, but the future of Buffalo's transportation system.  

SkyRide, now in it's sixth year, has grown from a far-fetched idea into something more than an exhilarating bike ride. It represents something bigger. GObike believes that our streets should be places where people can connect, enjoy community and revitalize the city. SkyRide is an opportunity to explore the past, present and future of our roadways and how they can support everyone – no matter how they get around.

Join GObike on this unique ride and in our work to make our streets safe and inviting places for everyone. 


Visit for more information and to register for the ride.

There are currently no scheduled events at this time.