Here’s what’s going on in the city’s construction projects that affect bikers and pedestrians.

GObike chairs the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board, which provides recommendations to the city on the implementation of plans, policy, and projects to ensure safe travel for all roadways users is considered. Not all transformations mean new bike infrastructure.

A board of the city council, the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee is charged with the review of on-going and future infrastructure projects to ensure they best accommodate the needs of all roadway users including pedestrians, bicyclists, and people with disabilities. Meetings are open to the public and held on the first Monday of each month at 5:30 pm.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board                        July 5, 2022

City of Buffalo

In attendance: Justin Booth, Debra Hall, Lyn Magdol, Jalonda Hill, David Wahl, Lauren Mitchell, George Johnson, Valerie Malia (City Council), Nolan Skipper (DPW)

Excused: Jamie Hamann-Burney, Shane Paul

Absent: Stephanie Bucalo

Guests: Elliott Carlson, Angie Hernandez, Taylor Brown (DPW)

Approval of June’s Meeting minutes

  • Due to a lack of quorum at the beginning of the meeting a vote for adoption was postponed.
  • It was decided to give members additional time to review for adoption at the August meeting.
    • Actions – please review both June and July’s meeting minutes to adopt at the August meeting.

A quarterly update on street projects was provided by Nolan Skipper, Engineer with the City of Buffalo’s Dept of Public Works. Projects discussed included:

  • Niagara Street
    • Section 4a construction is wrapping up (Forest Ave to Hertel Ave)
    • Section 4b is up next (Hertel Ave to Ontario Street)
  • Entertainment District
    • Chippewa Street is completed
    • Franklin Street construction is wrapping up
    • Court Street in under construction – DPW has made some changes to maintain bicycle lanes from Broadway through Lafayette Square to Pearl Street.
  • Main Street (Goodell Street to Ferry Street)
    • Next phase of public engagement will commence this summer sharing the feedback from the first round of engagement identifying what design options were selected through the survey and will identify next steps.
  • Pedestrian Safety Action Plan (PSAP)
    • Includes targeted corridor and intersection improvements to improve pedestrian safety. The package of projects will be out to bid soon.
  • Forest Avenue
    • Collaboration between GObike and DPW – you can visit the project webpage here.
      • From Niagara Street to Rees Street – GObike will be implementing a temporary two-way protected bicycle lane, pedestrian enhancements and traffic calming.
        • Pre- and post- data will be collected to determine project efficacy in addition to public engagement throughout.
        • A final report will be produced for DPW to help inform a final design after re-paving next season.
      • From Richmond Ave. to Rees Street
        • City has been awarded a Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant to extend the existing multi-use path
  • Virginia Street from Main Street to Elmwood Ave
    • Temporary striping will be installed since the corridor has been recently re-paved.
    • Final striping will occur through the 2016 TAP that will be going out to bid this season.
  • Jefferson Ave from Main Street to Best Street
    • Community engagement was put on hold due to the terrorist attack, DPW plans to begin resuming work.
  • Citywide Striping
    • There are several streets the board previously reviewed plans for including Carolina Street, Chapin Pkwy and Lincoln Pkwy that have yet to be installed.
    • DPW will review locations, including these corridors and 311 calls to identify best use of striping budget this season and include as many as possible.
  • Bailey Avenue
    • Community outreach is ongoing with a survey that is scheduled to close on 7/6.
    • Next Step is to begin design based on input to date.
    • To take the survey and stay informed on the process, you can visit the project site here:
  • Busti Avenue
  • East Side Trails
  • Sycamore and Jefferson
    • Debra Hall has brought up safety concerns at this location and asked DPW how to best work with the city to prioritize this location for safety improvements
      • Eric Schmarder ( from DPW is the best person to reach out to determine crash history to help drive decisions and next steps for city involvement.

Sidewalk Snow Removal Committee

  • The committee has shared their draft fact sheet for full board input and review
    • Determining the purpose of the fact sheet it was agreed that the committee would establish the goal it wants to achieve.
      • Lyn will follow up with board members to do one on one interviews in order to advance this effort.

New Business

  • Jalonda Hill presented Colored Girls Bike Too’s Just Streets ProjectUsing Asphalt Art and Urban Design to Memorialize the Lives Lost and the Survivors of the 5/14 Racist Terrorist Attack and to Revitalize the East Side.
  • Bicycle racks along East Side business corridors
    • Request can be made by calling 311 or by going online here: and clicking on streets and sidewalks. A tab comes up for requesting a bicycle racks.
    • DPW needs property owners to make requests in order to install. There is no cost to the property owner.
  •  Bicycle Education and rules of the road
    • East Side Bike Club, Colored Girls Bike Too and GObike provide bicycle safety educational materials.
    • GObike has a grant through the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee to provide classes and materials for free to groups that request them. To learn more and request materials please visit:
  • Congratulations to the East Side Bike Club for opening their new space on Kensington Avenue that will serve as a hub for their e-bike library and earn a bike program.