Ride your bike to work just 2x/week. That’s 40% less spent at the pump. Simple as that.

All joking aside, we’re here to help you do it. Our GO Buffalo Niagara team lives and breathes getting you to work or making your trips in any other way than driving alone.

Carpool, transit, walk, ride, they’ve got you covered, and can even get you a free ride home if you ride to work and it’s 50 degrees, and by 5PM, it’s 15 and snowing.

Get to know them on social, and check out their website. Their apps, partners, and wealth of information on routes, timing, parking, all of it – are just for serving you.

So take a look at that weather forecast, see which days would be a nice ride, and make it a plan. Stick to it. Together, we can become a little more financially stable, a little healthier, happier, and make an impact on the planet at the same time. People all around WNY are opting out of driving alone for just 1-2 days per week, and you’re invited to join us! This is a March challenge. Wait til you see what we have planned for May!!