When it comes to major redesigns of our area’s transportation system, it’s often GBNRTC that has the trust of the NYS DOT to effectively carry out community engagement and present solutions to these local challenges, which is a great alternative to DOT officials in Albany calling these shots directly.

From their work on “Region Central” (area surrounding the 198 Expressway) to Niagara Street’s revitalization and more, they’re on the front lines of seeing a safe, healthy, and complete streets future for our region. This week, they’re back at it, getting work started on gauging public opinion and feasibility options for redesigning Goodell Street. Essentially a continuous off ramp for RT33, the street causes havoc for pedestrians who cannot trust drivers to do the legally required 30mph, and has made it nearly impossible for any businesses to open along that high-speed, 4-lane stretch, even as it narrows after Main. It’s not a healthy road in the center of downtown and it’s ripe for a redesign.

From our Complete Streets Engineer, Jim Jones:

“It essentially functions as a continuation of the RT 33 off ramp. It’s over-designed and functionality obsolete.  It should be converted to two way traffic and the signals replaced with urban compact roundabouts. A protected bike lane using on street parking as buffered protection should be included. Tupper should also be converted likewise.  Signals outside of project limits should be upgraded to current best practices.”

There’s our take. What’s yours?
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