Medium Roast to get you flying!

HIGH GEAR is a blend of Ethiopian and Colombian beans, and it is DELICIOUS.
Notes: Brown Sugar, Apple, Grapefruit.
Sub Notes: Plum, Vanilla, Berries

But why is GObike making coffee?

Because some of our most impactful programs are unfunded. Your purchase of a bag supports the following work in our community:

  • Recycle-A-Bike – Working with area students to learn basic bike mechanics and build their own bikes
  • Sisters Cycling – Working with refugee women to ride confidently and maintain their own bikes
  • Youth Bike Giveaway – Our annual effort to donate over 300 bikes we’ve receive to local kids in need
  • Open Shop – Allowing members and friends to fix and alter their own bikes with our tools and guidance
  • Bike Rodeo – Teaching kids how to ride safely, confidently, and with good balance!
  • Mobile Repair – Our team goes into neighborhoods with all our tools and fixes anyone’s bike for free


We also roast it locally. HOW?

We were fortunate enough to be part of Pitch10 from United Way of Erie County last year. While we didn’t win the grand prize, we made a great connection to 716 Ministries, whose vast workforce development program includes putting folks to work roasting coffee beans. A win-win partnership!

Buy your bag today!

Thank you for supporting GObike by getting caffeinated today. Together, we can get more bikes into the hands of those who need them most, help everyone ride safely and confidently, and successfully advocate in our communities for more accessible streets and roads for those who walk, roll, bike, and use public transit.