See a bike lane blocked by a car, delivery truck, police officer, etc.? Report it!

You can always report a blocked bike lane to 311, via phone, app, or email.

A new mobile-friendly website, Safe Lanes, now allows you to snap a photo of blocked bicycle lane violations and upload to a crowd-sourced map. You can view all submissions reported in the City of Buffalo and see hot spots of blocked bike lanes (we’re looking at you, Westin Buffalo!).

Simply snap a photo of the offender and upload, either in real time or when you have time. Safe Lanes automatically detects the license plate in the photo as well as the location, time and date.

In some cities such as San Francisco, Safe Lanes works with city officials to send data directly to 311, allowing authorities to ticket or identify repeat offenders.

While we can’t yet send the bike lane blockers in Buffalo directly to 311, the data will be stored until a point we can do so. We also can:

-Identify problem locations and recurring issues

-Develop recommendations to share with City of Buffalo on an annual basis

Next time you see a blocked bike lane, don’t just shake your fist—snap a picture and upload to the Safe Lanes map!