A new bike messenger service, Queen City Couriers, is offering free deliveries to distribute food and necessities from non-profits to those in need.

Queen City Couriers (QCC) is open for business. The new bike messenger company has shifted gears early to offer free deliveries to respond to community needs during the pandemic.

In concert with PUSH Buffalo, QCC will be assisting with food/sundries collection and dispersal effort. The all-volunteer organization has restricted deliveries to non-profit organizations delivering to vulnerable front-line communities.

As QCC grows and operations normalize, QCC will consider the prospect of taking on paid deliveries.

Bike messengering is a challenging job on a good day; during a pandemic, it is an extremely high-risk job. Riders are working for the good of the community, but they are not immune to the hardships. We ask you to keep that in mind when you are waiting for your pick-up or delivery. We will do our best, but if demand is high and there are difficult external circumstances, we might not reach you very quickly.

In the City of Good Neighbors, QCC aims to contribute to Buffalo’s reputation of giving back. Any donations to the effort are appreciated. You can donate through the website at www.qccouriers.com, or through Square by calling or texting: (716) 427-3168.

The British burned Buffalo down in 1812. This city has been pummeled year after year with epic snows. Buffalo has also had the sad distinction of going to and losing four Super Bowls. If anyone can make through this crisis as a community, it’s us. Stay well, stay distanced.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer courier or a client, please call (716) 427-3168.

Partners include PUSH Buffalo, Slow Roll Buffalo, and GObike Buffalo.