Bike Parking

Bike parking is vital and easy, and benefits our economy, environment, and health. Under the Buffalo Green Code, bike parking is required for any development involving new building, expansion of an existing building by 25% or 2,500 square feet, or substantial renovation of an existing building. The amount of bicycle parking required is determined by the use of the building. For example, a hotel must have 1 bicycle parking space per 20 rooms, a restaurant must have 1 per 3,000 square feet, and professional offices must have 1 per 10,000 square feet.


GObike Buffalo can provide the full range of bicycle parking installation services for your business. An overview of available racks is provided below.

Please visit here for a full listing of building uses and corresponding bicycle parking requirements.

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For more information on bike rack selection and installation, visit this document.

Request A Rack From GObike Buffalo 

GObike Buffalo can provide guidance, racks, and installation for your business or property. These can be installed on private property and you can get as many as you like. They’re also available in any color or galvanized. Our options include the following:

10 Bike Corral

Start at $1000.

For areas of high bike traffic, the 10 bike corral is ideal. This can be freestanding (easy to move for events) or mounted into concrete or asphalt. This rack can be branded or non-branded and comes in 12 standard colors.

6 Bike Stadium Rack

Start at $500.

For areas with and average amount of bicycle traffic, the 6 bike stadium rack is the perfect choice. This rack is also freestanding and movable or can be anchored into concrete or asphalt. This rack can be branded or non-branded and comes in 12 standard colors or galvanized steel.

Standard Bike Dock

Start at $150.

A final option is the flange mounted standard bike dock.  These hold two bicycles and must be mounted. These racks have  roughly a 68”x110” footprint with bikes so they need to be installed with that in mind.  There is also an option of ordering this style of rack to be mounted into poured concrete. GObike will not install below grade mounted racks.  Both types of racks can be branded or non branded and come in 12 standard colors or galvanized steel.

Cycle Aid Station

Start at $1,000, including indoor air pump.

The Cycle Aid Station has eight common bicycle tools permanently tethered to a bike holder and designed to go with the Cycle Air Kit. Both must be mounted into existing concrete. Both come in 12 standard colors or galvanized steel.

Installation space requirements for Cycle Aid Station

Wall set backs:

Minimum of 48” from side of Cycle Aid Station to wall or other objects
Minimum of 12” from back of Cycle Aid Station to wall
Minimum of 6” between Cycle Aid Station and Cycle Air
Street setbacks:

Minimum of 60” from perpendicular street
Minimum of 96” from parallel street

Bike Vending Machine

Designed to vend emergency parts and accessories.  Can be located indoors or outdoors.

Cost: $7,000 with the the initial stocking of repair items.

Space Requirements: 39″ W x 72″ H x 35″ D

Also requires a 110V electrical; comes in black, red, yellow and blue.

If you have any specific questions/concerns/additional styles, please reach out to our Bike Parking coordinator, Stacy.  She will be happy to work with you directly to get you the bike parking that works for your business, apartment complex, or other establishment.

For more information or to speak with us directly, please contact Stacy Sauvageau at 716/218-7162 or via email at


Request A Rack From the City

Through a partnership between the City of Buffalo and Go Bike, our signature bicycle racks are also available through the City, installed free of charge along commercial districts throughout Buffalo. All you have to do to get a bicycle rack in front of your place of business is fill out a simple form that the City of Buffalo has created.

You can either download the Bicycle Parking Request Form and mail it into the city or complete it online.

It’s very exciting that the City is so proactive about bike rack installations but a word of warning on this route: you may request a rack and then not hear back for several months. So while this is free, be aware it may take some time.