The grassroots efforts against the proposed $1B cap on a 3/4 mile section of the Humboldt Expressway from roughly E Ferry to Best Street continue to gain momentum from surrounding neighbors and block clubs and expertise from organizations willing to support those concerned neighbors.

A major criticism of the process thus far is that the NYS DOT is looking to side-step a full Environmental Impact Statement, a process that would require months to complete. An EIS would give in-depth studies to proposed air quality changes, water-run off, traffic flow on other highways and arterials, what would happen to the asbestos lining the walls that need to come down, or whether there is radon gas underneath the bed rock that would need to be blasted, whether the membrane that will be below the soil can last for decades or if it will have to replaced, and all the trees that have grown above it be torn down, and everything else that might affect the neighbors surrounding the project during the estimated four years of construction.

The NYCLU has taken issue with that lack of an EIS for the people in this neighborhood, and with the destruction the highway has caused, is causing, and will cause in a disadvantaged neighborhood of color.

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