GObike congratulates Nathan Marton on his appointment to City of Buffalo Commissioner of Public Works, Parks and Streets.

Within our efforts to slow down cars and create more safe, accessible space for children and adults out walking, rolling, and cycling in the city, we were able to find a lot of common ground with Commissioner Marton’s predecessor, Michael Finn.

We look forward to continuing that positive momentum with Nathan Marton. He’s getting off to a fast start as the city plans to reveal its snow removal plan during its meeting at 1PM on Wednesday November 9.

In order to keep progressing, we continue to urge citizens to utilize the 311 app wherever possible, reserving calls only when necessary. Per our conversation with newly appointed parking commissioner Raymond Wagner, data will win the day and help these departments adjust their priorities accordingly.¬† On the DPW side of things, want bike lanes plowed? 311. Glass cleared from a bike lane? 311. As requests like these jump from hundreds to thousands and then tens of thousands, they’ll be incorporated more consistently into the DPW’s plans within its limited budget. So keep at it.

We look forward to working with Commissioner Marton and wish him luck in his role.

From the Common Council, here is Mayor Brown’s recommendation, and his entire resume can be found here.

“Mr. Marton has served as the VP of Operations at D’Youville University since 2014. Int his capacity he oversees all aspects of the development of the university’s building and infrastructure efforts, including campus master planning, facility planning, property acquisition and divestment and campus construction projects. Additionally, he provides leadership for building operations (maintenance, grounds, custodial services), energy procurement and utilization, campus safety, transportation services (campus-owned vehicles and shuttle service), as well as the Emergency Planning Response Committee. Mr. Marton has a Masters Degree in Business Administration from SUNY Buffalo, as well as a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering Degree from Pennsylvania¬† State University.