GObike Buffalo has posted an initial list of restaurants that offer free bike parking and also participate in the organization’s Bicycle Benefits Program. The list comes as a response to the Buffalo News writing a list of restaurants with free car parking. GObike’s response was:

It might sound nice but there is really no such thing as free parking. Also, our cars are decimating our planet, communities, fellow species, and personal health so we all should probably drive a lot less.

Per GObike Buffalo, the bars, restaurants, cafés, breweries, cideries, and distilleries that are listed not only offer free bike parking, some of them also bundle incentives via the organization’s Bicycle Benefits Program. For example, do you know that you get a discount whenever you ride your bike to Five Points Bakery? Or, take, for example, Essex Street Pub – GObike Buffalo members get $1 off a Rusty Chain (Buffalo’s bike friendly beer) – now, how cool is that? And if you think that’s special, then just take a look at all of the other businesses that participate in the program.

There’s only one way that the City of Buffalo will push the envelope when it comes to making our streets safer for cyclists – the more people out there cycling, the more attention is drawn to the need for more bike lanes, bike racks, and bike infrastructure in general.