Complete Streets 101 Workshop

Mon 14, 2021 12:00 pm

Did you know pedestrian deaths have increased by 45% in the last 10 years? It’s no accident; we’re planning to fail.

Want to help fix the national epidemic of traffic violence? Join GObike for a participative workshop where you’ll learn new perspectives on how streets function. We’ll introduce infrastructure design concepts that makes streets safer for all road users. Using easy to understand language and explaining different elements at play, there will be a chance for deeper understanding of the different elements of street infrastructure possibly unknown before.

Why join us? Often at community planning meetings, experts present a challenge with pre-formulated solutions to residents. The end-users of these solutions typically get their introduction to the process when it is already nearing its conclusion.

In a participative, iterative approach, participants are encouraged to speak frankly of the challenges they face from the beginning. In a participative process, solutions incorporate the richness of the infrastructure user’s perspective. Ultimately, because residents have been involved in the process from the beginning and have been consulted at every stage of the planning process, there is more buy-in which leads to wider support of even some of the most innovative infrastructure plans.

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