2021: 980lbs
2022: 1,116lbs
2023: 1,200?!
Let’s ride the city and feed the folks who need it most.


Last year, 121 of you showed up for Cranksgiving and we overloaded Food Not Bombs with so much that we’re going to add a second beneficiary this year – Provisions 139!
If you aren’t familiar with Food Not Bombs in Buffalo, they are an organization run entirely on volunteers with no budget. They take food donated directly to them, and cook up some delicious recipes, then go out onto the street and serve it directly to anyone who is hungry. Provisions 139 is a pantry run by West Side Community Services that invites folks in need to shop there twice per month, with the number of people in their household determining the number of points they receive to shop with each time.

Cranksgiving is a nationwide event that cycling organizations like GObike organize around the country from October – December, and often benefit organizations just like these. After building an incredible foundation for the event over the last ten years, founders Stacy Sauvageau and her partner Adam Ianni were greeted with a warm round of applause last year as they took a step back to enjoy the day as participants for the first time. Now, Adam’s back in the game! We’ve been coming up with all new shenanigans at various checkpoints around the city to add to the fun!

Saturday, November 4 – Meet at BNMC Parking lot at Ellicott and North Oak!
Gather 10AM
Ride Launch 11AM

Last year, as the temperature crested 70 degrees in early November. Maybe it will again! If not, we’ll push this to Saturday November 11 which will then be rain or shine. If we postpone, you’ll know by Friday 11/3 morning.
BNMC has gratiously offered their parking lot not just for you folks who are coming in from far away with your bikes on your racks, but for a special addition to the race this year – a Le Mans start!! WOOO!!
This is not a fundraiser for GObike, so we don’t have a budget for the event. So please, come pre-caffeinated and ready to ride.
On-site on 11/4, every member of your team will have to sign a physical waiver. Your team will not receive your ride manifest until all team members have signed the waiver.

REGISTER YOUR TEAM EARLY Please – – that will help us coordinate beer and water and food.

Thank you so very much to our beer sponsor, Try-It Distributing! To our pizza sponsor Picasso’s!

How does Cranksgiving Work??

Riders will gather at BNMC Innovation Center Parking Lot (Corner of Ellicott and North Oak). Please arrive by 10AM. If you’re driving in from far-off lands, there’s free car parking thanks to BNMC being a partner this year.
Please do come at 10. Registration takes us a while and

10:00 – 11:00AM
Everyone participating as a individual or group must sign a waiver on-site. When your entire team has signed your team’s waiver, you will receive your manifest for the day’s fun in a sealed envelope.

GObike will address the crowd with safety instructions before all teams open their envelopes simultaneously to reveal:
– List of grocery stores from which to choose four
– Shopping list full of items FNB and Provisions 139 have expressed needs for
– Information about three different checkpoints spread throughout the city

LAUNCH! Everyone’s bikes will be on the opposite end of the parking lot, setting us up for a run/trot/walk Le Mans-style start.

Ride at your own risk on city streets. While teams are enticed to move quickly, this is NOT a race. It’s the choosing of an efficient route that will likely determine the winner.
You have a right to the road. You have a responsibility to ride in accordance with NYS and Buffalo laws (aka no riding on the sidewalk and riding with (not against) traffic).

-Choose 4 from an available 8 grocery stores.
-Hit all 3 checkpoints.
-Keep all of your receipts.

When you arrive at the finish (Hostel Buffalo Niagara 667 Main Street in Buffalo), you’ll see Brendan who will mark your time. Aim for 1PM!
Full team must be present.
You’ll hand your receipts in as a batch and move on to BOX Gallery (part of the Hostel) to get your donations weighed.

After that, we’ll have water and beer (Thanks again, Try-it) and pizza (Thanks again, Picasso’s!) for the post party!
We’ll tally times, amounts spent, and total weight, and announce all category winners by 2PM (ideally). Party ends at 3PM.

  • Strongest Individual (Carries most weight in donations)
  • Fastest Individual (First to arrive at Hostel Buffalo Niagara)
  • Fastest team (First to arrive at Hostel Buffalo Niagara)
  • Price Chopper (Best Budget Shopper, Lowest price per pound) Individual or Group
  • Best costume Individual or Group
  • Best Team Name
  • The winner of any category, individual or group, also receives a GObike pennant!

Plenty of help is needed from Registration, to Checkpoints, to Weighing and Timing individuals at the finish.
You can help during, or help before/after and still ride.
Please sign up here.


See all the 2022 photos on our Facebook album right here.



Below are the 2022 winners, and the times and hauls to beat this year!

New this year was best costume:
Where’s Waldo

New this year was best team name:
The Rise and Fall of Tony Danza (Not Tiny Dancer) (And this is not actually them photographed)

Fastest Group @ 1:47 (But subtracted 40 minutes by hitting 4 of our bonus sections and still only arriving 3 minutes after the first team crossed):

Most Massive Haul at 104lbs of food:
Team LME (Last Minute Entry)

Most Generous Group at $184 spent:
Team Transitarians

Fastest Individual at 2:08:
Elizabeth Greenwald (Also not photographed, but Beth your name is on the trophy!)

Bargain Shopper (Over 40lbs, at $0.40/lb):
Team Double Strokes