In response to a handful of significant staff transitions, the workshop will be closed for the month of May to provide us time to hire and train new team members, and plan how to best serve our community this summer.

Due to limited staff capacity and our desire to make more time to help our community, the workshop will be suspending traditional service appointments for the foreseeable future.

In lieu of service, we will be focusing our time on mission-based pursuits such as mobile repair, bike giveaways, expanding open workshop time for members, creating a robust network of volunteers, and providing support for our education team.

During the summer, we will be open every Tuesday and Wednesday from 12 to 8 pm.

DIY Service Repairs

Due to the pandemic, we’re continuing to request time slots for open shop hours be reserved in advance. Our 1.5-hour slots can be booked here. 

To use our DIY repair stations, the cost is free for members and $10 per day for non-members. 


We currently do not have any in-person classes scheduled but are working to add more during the summer. Although not as formal as a class, we encourage folks to book open shop time to come in and learn.

Service Appointments

We currently are not doing repairs, but are happy to teach you how to do your repair yourself during our open shop time. We also suggest Rick Cycle shop or Campus Wheelworks. Please check our event schedule for mobile repair events.

Merchandise and Bikes

Merchandise can be purchased at the shop during any of our open hours, no appt needed. Our website always has whatever used bikes are available. 


The best time to donate is during our open hours, but we also have a rack outside where donations can be place if folks can make it during our open hours.


Email if you are interested in volunteering.