Ninety two Allpro Parking employees have been laid off because of revenue loss from the Coronavirus. This is not how the company envisioned its 20th anniversary would look like.

“Our parking lots are still only at 10 or 15 percent occupancy. The last thing we wanted to do is let our staff go and not be employed with us at this point,” said Richard Serra, Allpro Parking President & CEO.

Thirty one parking sites have been affected.

Because of COVID-19, Serra said they’ve changed the way customers can pay for parking; now a contactless process by using an app.

“It unfortunately eliminated the need for customer service, personal attention by an individual,” he said.

Earlier in the year, the majority of their parking lots would be anywhere from 90 to 100 percent full.

“Since mid-March we’ve seen our parking lots go down to literally no vehicles parking,” said Serra.

Other major factors are the lack of sporting events, entertainment and most businesses working from home.

“We are hoping that eventually business starts to pick up in the fall and we can start calling some folks back,” said Serra.

On the other hand, there has been a major increase in the use of bicycles for both transportation and recreational purposes.

“We’ve sold I think 65% more bikes this year than last year. And a 165 percent increase in service, so people coming and getting their bikes repaired,” said Stacy Sauvageau, GOBike Buffalo’s Workshop Director. “People are looking for safe socially distant activities and biking is the perfect way to feel a part of community,”

GOBike‘s main focus is teaching people how to fix their own bikes, but now there is a demand for low-cost bikes, so they’re focusing on fixing up refurbished bikes.

They also provide an educational campaign for motorist and cyclists – especially with an influx of new cyclists on the road – to keep everyone safe.