GO Buffalo Niagara works with commuters, employers, and property owners to promote sustainable transportation choices. As Buffalo’s population grows, we’re at a critical turning point. Will we subject ourselves to more congestion, greater air and water pollution to accommodate that growth as people travel to work or various other activities alone in their cars?

Now’s the time for our region to take some big steps forward, with a focus on accessible, safe options for people to walk, bike, ride transit or carpool when they need to get from A to B.

It’s a two-pronged approach where we work with businesses and municipalities to accommodate and incentivize this kind of shift in behavior, and then we reach out directly to individuals in our region to demonstrate how to change, and what benefits can come from that change.

Working with individual commuters starts with using stunning imagery and design on social media, on digital ads, and in traditional advertising.

We’ve got a boatload of work to tackle this year,  and we’re looking for designers and agencies in the area to do it with.

Could that linchpin in our plans be you? We hope so! Check out the RFQ attached below and send us a quote. Let’s change our region’s future together!

GO Buffalo Niagara 2022 Design RFQ