Here’s what’s going on in the city’s construction projects that affect bikers and pedestrians.

GObike chairs the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board, which provides recommendations to the city on the implementation of plans, policy, and projects to ensure safe travel for all roadways users is considered. Not all transformations mean new bike infrastructure.

A board of the city council, the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee is charged with the review of on-going and future infrastructure projects to ensure they best accommodate the needs of all roadway users including pedestrians, bicyclists, and people with disabilities. Meetings are open to the public and held on the first Monday of each month at 5:30 pm.


In attendance: Justin Booth, Lynn Magdol, Lauren Mitchell, Jamie Hamann-Burney, Shane Paul, Valerie Malia (City Council), Eric Schmarder (DPW), Nkosi Alleyne (OSP)

Excused: Debra Hall, George Johnson

Absent: Stephanie Bucalo, Jalonda Hill, David Wahl

Guests: Elliott Carlson, Ethan Richenberg, Heather Ault

DPW: Updates

  • Striping has begun on Delaware avenue, crosswalks /and arrows painted.
  • Maintenance of striping has been an issue, but DPW now has a budget for the second year in a row to address.
  • Priority is for school zones not completed last year
  • Currently working on getting the city-wide striping estimates completed;
    • Must be divided equally across all the council districts
    • It’s not too late to look into other locations
    • Outside of school zone, prioritizing 311 calls
    • DPW will share an updated list of locations at the September meeting

Justin: On Clinton Street, bicycle symbols are in place from Jefferson to Emslie, the lane lines have yet to be striped.

  • DPW will follow up with their contractor and provide an update at the next meeting

Daniel Shafer spoke to the Board on behalf of Linwood Avenue neighborhood historic district

  • To address the speed along Linwood Avenue requesting DPW to restripe the street
  • Proposing to reduce the 11’ driving lane to 10’ foot for automobile users and increase the size of bicycle lanes
  • 10’ auto lanes are recommended by the National Association of City Traffic Officials (NACTO) to improve safety by reducing speed without decreasing the traffic flow

Sidewalk snow removal committee

  • Fact sheet for sidewalk snow removal with recommendations to send to common council
  • Changes needs to be included for the document
  • Allow 2 more weeks for board to review to include data on injuries reported
  • August 16th to finalize and bring up in the September 6th meeting and the sent to filing for common council
  • Members of the committee to reach out to common council for review
  • Justin to send link to google which includes a list of members

New & Old Business

Jalonda from Colored Girls Bike Too (CGBT) ask for recommendation of support from board; tabled due to Jalonda’s absence

Board asked for OSP to Share Draft E-bike and E-scooter ordinance recommendations – Nkosi (OSP) will follow up with board to review

GObike updates:

  • Forest avenue healthy street initiative (
    • Several hundred household received information on the design and project
    • 500 of support for the project
    • New machine can fix the double yellow line
    • Niagara to Rees Street there is a protected two-way bike lane, bump outs, crosswalks and lane narrowing (11’)
    • After project is complete data collection and outreach will commence post project
    • A completed report will be shared at the end of the season
    • Parking survey done as part of the existing conditions
    • Information would be shared with council, DPW, and OSP
  • EAST side trails (
    • Sharing more information on the trails to residents
    • Attending National Night out with the Northfolk block club to continue to outreach in the neighborhood surrounding project

Meeting end at 6:30pm