National Bike to School Day is May 3, but we’ll do it on May 10.

This being Buffalo, we wanted to give it another week.
On Wednesday May 10 (rain date Friday May 12), GObike staff will join students and parents from Bennett Park Montessori, Olmsted School #64, and Tapestry Charter School to have a most awesome bike ride into school that day.

In years past, parents lead this initiative, and GObike is there on Bike to School Day to help with ride support. From there, we’ve seen parents continue to ride with their kids throughout May and June. So for all of you who love a good Bike Bus story you’ve seen all over social media, join us!

If you don’t have children at these schools, we’ll be documenting the day’s instructions, routes, challenges and successes so that you can use it as a toolkit to form your own bike bus.

Why not start your child’s day with the invigorating fun of a bike ride, rather than the low energy of a car ride to the school’s door (not to mention all the aggravation that comes from waiting in that line).

To join us on May 10, email David Myers, GObike’s Education Manager, to find out where to meet and at what time.

“That was so fun!” Click here to watch a video of last year’s fun had by all the kids (and parents) involved.