Along the surge in demand for protected spaces to cycle has been a surge in demand for bicycle parking along popular and not-so-popular corridors in the city and suburbs.

As our region shifts to designing Complete Streets that give more consideration to the safety of cyclists and pedestrians, and less consideration to how fast cars can move, join in on this movement and give cyclists somewhere to securely lock up.

Plus, as your potential customers consider where might be fun to go, a bike tied up out front pretty much puts a ???? on your sign.

Our GO Buffalo Niagara team is constantly working to get folks to consider doing anything on their commute or errands except drive alone. From carpooling, walking, using public transit, and of course, cycling, they’re thinking of every single aspect of people’s trips, and removing every obstacle. A lack of secure bike parking is another one of those obstacles we can remove right now.

Order a beautiful new bike rack, in any shape or size today, and we’ll come out and install it this spring.


Check out all the incredible options on GO Buffalo Niagara’s order form.


Not in a position to order one for a property, but gosh you’d just love to see one somewhere special to you? Tell us where!