Before we get started on our roundup of what was discussed between City of Buffalo DPW the Bike Ped Board last month, let’s talk about some critical next steps on the ongoing (and growing) effort for municipal sidewalk snow removal.


The Bike Ped Board has written, reviewed, and approved three different white papers that will be the official suggestions and guidance for the City of Buffalo to begin to implement municipal sidewalk snow removal.

Whitepaper 1 – Sidewalk Snow Removal in Buffalo: Past, Present, and Future
Whitepaper 2 – Bus Stop Snow Removal in Buffalo: Past, Present, and Future
Whitepaper 3 – Snow Removal by Citizen Volunteers in the City of Good Neighbors

Whether the city will equip citizens to cover more tracts of sidewalk, whether the city will focus on the 50 miles of sidewalk along bus routes, or whether the city will start by clearing the sidewalks on the streets adjacent to city schools, we have to start somewhere. When we point to Rochester and Syracuse, we’re pointing to how they started – with a small pilot that eventually grew. In Rochester’s case, they’re now focusing on bus routes and stops, and in Syracuse’s case, they’ve no added all walkable routes to city schools, but neither of them started that big. They grew in a smart way over time. Buffalo just needs to start somewhere, with something.

So it’s critical that you join us on Tuesday March 28 at 1PM for the Common Council’s Community Development Meeting at Council Chambers in City Hall. We know a midday meeting is not easy for most, and it’s unfortunate that’s when so many important meetings are held. But if you’re able to start work early or stay late that day in order to extend your lunch hour to get down there, some strength in numbers could really push this effort forward.

Last year, there was a lot of talk after a horrible January where most people without a car could not get around the city at all, but when it came time to finalize the city budget in June, January’s challenges were seemingly forgotten. This year, We have the power of the Partnership for the Public Good (PPG) along with us, and these unified white papers to give the city a clear path forward. But it takes all of us being active. If you can’t make the meeting, send the white papers above, or the sections within them that are most important to you, directly to your Common Council representative. We need to get the city to care just as much about the 1 in 4 households that do not own a car as the 3 in 4 that do.

Darius G. Pridgen
Ellicott District

David A. Rivera
Niagara District

Chris Scanlon
South District

Joel P. Feroleto
Delaware District

Bryan J. Bollman
Lovejoy District

Mitch Nowakowski
Fillmore District

Joseph Golombek Jr.
North District

Ulysees O. Wingo Sr.
Masten District

Rasheed N.C. Wyatt
University District

Here are three outstanding reports from The Buffalo News
Sean Kirst: On Clearing Snow from City Sidewalks: ‘If Syracuse can do it, why not Buffalo?’
Clearing Public Sidewalks of Snow? Some in Buffalo Want a Better Way
The Editorial Board: Buffalo should clear the city’s sidewalks of snow

Here’s what’s going on in the city’s construction projects that affect bikers and pedestrians.

GObike chairs the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board, which provides recommendations to the city on the implementation of plans, policy, and projects to ensure safe travel for all roadways users is considered. Not all transformations mean new bike infrastructure.

A board of the city council, the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee is charged with the review of on-going and future infrastructure projects to ensure they best accommodate the needs of all roadway users including pedestrians, bicyclists, and people with disabilities. Meetings are open to the public and held on the first Monday of each month at 5:30 pm.

City of Buffalo Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board February 7, 2023

In attendance: Shane Paul, Jamie Hamann-Burney, Justin Booth, Lauren Mitchell, Debra Hall, Jalonda Hill, Valerie Malia (City Council), Taylor Brown(DPW), Nolan Skipper(DPW) Nkosi Alleyne (OSP)

Excused: Nkosi Alleyne (OSP), Lynn Magdol

Absent: George Johnson

Approval of agenda: Motion by Lauren, Second by Jamie, Ayes: All

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Motion by Debra, Second by Shane, Approval of minutes: all

Dan Brady was introduced as the newest member of the board. Dan lives on Busti Ave with his wife and children, is an avid cyclist and looks forward to working with the board.

DPW: Updates by Nolan Skipper, City Engineer

  • Citywide striping budget for the 2023 season includes:
    • $225,000 through DPW annual budget;
    • American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds; and
    • Council member discretionary resources
      • Combined this represents $1million striping budget for the 2023 season
      • DPW goal is to increase their annual striping budget to this amount going forward
        • Striping budget will target crosswalks, lane lines (double yellow, bike lanes, etc.) and be prioritized around school zones
        • Other projects also include completing the throughfare plan for Carolina Street (contra-flow bike lanes) and re-stripping Linwood Ave.
  • A list of projects and their status was discussed. Attached is the summary.

Goodell Street: Update provided by Jamie Hamann-Burney.

  • Goodell is a NYS Dept. of Transportation street and has $6.5million allocated towards construction in 2024.
  • GBNRTC is currently conducting outreach and studying options for NYS Dept. of Transportation.
  • There are three alternatives which can be viewed and commented upon here:
  • BNMC is advocating for improved pedestrian and bicycle accommodations.
  • GBNRTC will be invited to the next BPAB meeting in March.

Jefferson Ave: whole corridor is now funded. Public engagement process is ongoing. More information can be found here:

Busti Avenue: the board has reviewed recommendations based upon the shared design developed. A request was added to the recommendations to determine whether two lanes of vehicle traffic north of Porter was necessary. The recommendations were unanimously approved to be sent to DPW with the addition.

Annual report – a draft has been circulated for board comment and input. The final draft will be shared for approval at the March meeting.

Sidewalk snow removal committee

  • The board discussed and unanimously approved a third white paper on Snow Removal by Citizen Volunteers.
  • The two previous white papers are on the council community development committee’s agenda. After discussion, it was decided that we pull them and draft a cover letter to tie them all together to then have them all on the agenda at once.
  • Justin volunteered to draft the cover letter and share with the board along the March meeting notice no later than 2/28 and confirm when it will be on the council agenda to get speakers there.

Motion to adjourn Dan, second by Jamie ; Ayes: all.

Meeting end at 6:25pm