Apply today before they’re gone!

Your business or property may qualify for up to 3 free bike racks from GObike and GO Buffalo Niagara if your location is walkable from a transit stop. Available while supplies last.

Studies have shown that bicycle racks are a great amenity for customers or tenants and bring business! Each rack allows parking for 2 bicycles and is valued at $367.

If you are interested, please fill out the information below and the GObike team will reach out to coordinate your free installation if you qualify. If you have any questions, please email or call 716-218-9365.


Note: Racks will only be awarded and installed for businesses making them available for the public. These are not meant for private bike storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the material and space requirements for installation? – The racks must be installed on concrete. They don’t take up much space but we will coordinate with you to determine how many racks fit in your space. Racks must also be publicly accessible, even if they are installed on private property.
  • Will I need to sign any paperwork? – For racks requested in the City of Buffalo, GObike will complete the permitting paperwork and just need a signed letter of consent from the business or property. For racks outside the City of Buffalo, if the rack is on public property (sidewalk area), the requestor must acquire any permits required by the municipality. Installations on private property do not require permits.
  • What do the bike racks look like? What colors are available? – It is a U-shape rack called a Sheffield Stand – see example in photo below. Locations within the City of Buffalo will receive a blue rack unless they are located on the East Side, which will receive a green rack in partnership with the East Side Bike Club. We have black racks available for municipalities outside of the City of Buffalo.



Thank you for supporting GObike by getting caffeinated today. Together, we can get more bikes into the hands of those who need them most, help everyone ride safely and confidently, and successfully advocate in our communities for more accessible streets and roads for those who walk, roll, bike, and use public transit.