Winters are for riding and maintenance

All classes are held at 313 Broadway on Saturdays 10 am – 11:30 pm. The cost for the Classes is $20 and most classes are limited to 10 participants. Please register online in advance by clicking on the dates below.

General Maintenance:
This class will give you the knowledge you need to keep your ride rolling. Students will learn about proper frame, brake, and drive train maintenance as well as how to assess and describe common problems. Students are encouraged to bring their bicycles to work on. This version will add tips and tricks for winter cycling.

Got a squeak or a knock? It’s probably;y your drivetrain. Your drivetrain is everything that makes your bike go and in this class, we’ll cover the anatomy of drivetrains, maintenance, and adjustments to check your pedal turning and your gears shifting.
Topics covered, derailleur, chain and crank troubleshooting, single-speed drivetrains, multi-gear drivetrains, cable maintenance, and index shifting set up.

Flat Repair:

Learn the ins and outs of fixing a flat. Includes hands-on instruction on tube patching and tube and tire removal and reinstallation. We will also discuss different types of punctures as well as flat prevention.

Braking 101:
Stopping is almost as important as going. This class will cover cable-actuated brakes, including caliper, cantilever, liner pull and center pull. Participants will learn how to troubleshoot, maintain, and adjust these systems.

Braking 102 ($30 price):
It’s wet and messy. We’ll explore hydraulic systems and go through a brake bleed with participants.
Drivetrain: We’ll go over all the parts that make the bike go. In this class, we’ll cover troubleshooting, common problems and solutions, and preventative maintenance.

Wheels 101:
We’ll cover hub adjustment, truing, cassettes and freewheels, and bearings. This class is an introduction to bike wheels and covers troubleshooting and adjustments of the most common issues.

How to Tune-Up:
It’s more like an instrument than you think, We’ll cover the whole procedure of a tune-up. All the adjustments that make your bike feel 100%. Participants should bring their bikes and are encouraged to wrench along with the instructor.

Click any event below to register. Some classes have multiple opportunities. Choose the date that works best for you:

January 20: Drivetrain
January 27: Flat Repair
February 3: General Maintenance through the snow and salt.
February 10: Brakes 101
February 17: Wheels 101
February 24: Brakes 102 (Hydraulic Brakes)
March 2: General Maintenance through the snow and salt (Second Chance)
March 9: Drivetrain (Second Chance)
March 16:  Flat Repair (Second Chance)
March 23: Wheels 101 (Second Chance)
March 30: How to Tune-Up

If the cost of $20-30 per class is a financial obstacle for you, please email to talk about it. We have some reserve funding we can apply to getting folks experiencing financial hardship into these classes, helping them to keep their bikes rideable all year long.