Fix Your Bike



Bicycle maintenance is key to enjoying your ride. If you are not experienced in bike mechanics, stop by our community workshop to learn some basic skills.

If you'd like to learn how to tune up and fix your bike yourself, our workshop is the place to be! We have bike mechanics and trained volunteers on hand to help assist you with all bicycle endeavours. You're welcome to visit the workshop during our shop hours. The workshop is free for GObike buffalo members and a $10 day pass is asked of visitors. Stop in soon and learn something new!

In the meantime, make sure you ABC Quick Check before every ride:

A= Air
Make sure tires are inflated to the pressure on the side of the tire (you can do this using a pressure gauge, or make sure your thumb does not press in easily to the tire), check the tire for damage

B= Brakes
Inspect pads for wear and change if there is less than 1/4 in left, spin your tire and make sure the pads do not rub against the tire when not using your brakes

C= Cranks and Chain
Pull cranks away from the bike and if loose tighten them, check that chain is free of rust and gunk

Quick= Quick Releases 
Make sure all quick releases are closed and pointing to the back of the bike

Check= Check it Over 
Take a quick ride to make sure that everything is working properly