All classes are held at the GObike Community Workshop (98 Colvin Ave.) on Sundays from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. The fee for each class is $10 and most classes are limited to 10 people. Please RSVP to at least TWO days prior to class if you plan to attend.

Please visit our events calendar for a list of upcoming classes.

Sunday Classes 

Fix a Flat 
Learn the ins and outs of fixing a flat. Includes hands on instruction on tube patching and tube and tire removal and re-installation. We will also discuss different types of punctures as well as flat prevention.

Basic Maintenance 
This class will give you the knowledge you need to keep your ride rolling. Students will learn about proper frame, brake, and drive train maintenance as well as how to assess and describe common problems. Students are encouraged to bring their own bicycles to work on.

Basic Wheel Maintenance
This class will cover hub overhauling and adjustment, wheel truing, and how to fix a broken spoke. Practice wheels will be available to work on but participants may also bring their own wheels.

Learn to Ride (Adult) 
The first half of this class will focus on bike safety and the rules of the road. The second half involves putting those things into practice with a ride. We will split up into two groups based on experience. One group will learn how to ride a bike while the other will learn how to properly ride in traffic. Suggested for ages 13-Adult (anyone under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian). Students should bring a bike in good working order that fits them and a helmet. 

Learn to Ride (Youth) 
The first half of this class will focus on bike safety. The second half will focus on learning to ride a bike. Students will practice balancing, braking and turning, and how to ride safely in different situations. Suggested for ages 5-12. Students should bring a bike in good working order that fits them, helmet, and a parent or guardian. 

Maintaining Your Bike Through the Fall and Winter
Bikes ridden through rain, salt, snow, and sludge need a little extra attention. This class will show you how to keep your ride running in tip-top shape. We will also share tips for winter riding and choosing a winter bike.

Bearing Adjustments
Bearings help keep bikes rolling! If they are out of adjustment, your bike could be in for some serious issues.
Learn how to assess, adjust and overhaul the various bearing systems in a bike.

Join us for hands-on learning and discussion of different crank types, chain sizes, cassettes, freewheels, derailleurs and shifting.

There are currently no scheduled events at this time.