Buffalo: A Bicycle Friendly City

We want to make cycling simple for people of all ages and abilities in the City of Buffalo. We work to improve Buffalo's Bike Friendly Community certification through the League of American Bicyclists by improving cycling in five areas—engineering, education, encouragement, evaluation and planning, and enforcement—in order for Buffalo to achieve silver-level bicycle friendly community by 2017.


Buffalo is currently certified as a bronze-level bicycle friendly community by the League of American Bicyclists. The League has established national bike-friendly guidelines for cities, businesses, and campuses around the nation. We received the bronze certification in 2013 and biking in Buffalo keeps getting better by the day, thanks to support from the City, local state representatives, and, most importantly, fine folks like you who support our wonderful bike culture.


Campaign Goals

Engineering: We need solid bike infrastructure in order for everyone to feel comfortable on our city streets. 

Install 150 miles of bike lanes by 2017

Education: People on bikes and people in cars need to know how to safely and positively interact with each other when sharing our roads.

Provide safe bike riding education to kids at 30 city schools and 100,000 adults

We need a bike culture that welcomes everyone and celebrates how awesome it is to ride a bike.

Expand participation in events like SkyRide and Tour de Farms, Slow Roll & more!

Enforcement: We need safer roads, and that means we need laws to protect bicyclists and protection from bike theft.

Secure a police liaison for the bike community to address these specific issues.

Evaluation and Planning: It’s always important to look to the future. Luckily, Buffalo has a bicycle master plan and a green code, which puts us ahead of the game!

Increase total mode share by bicycle to 3%