Niagara Falls Bike Master Plan

December 24, 2018

Bicycle Friendly Niagara Falls Stakeholder Committee Minutes from December 5

Please see our minutes from our first stakeholder committee meeting below. 

Visioning Exercise—what's your vision for a bicycle-friendly Niagara Falls? 

  • Connecting trails, parks, schools
  • Emphasis on tourism and bicycle related tourism
  • Connecting to transit hubs, emphasis on last-mile connection, complete streets
  • Connecting communities, complete streets
  • Enforcement across all modes of transit, addressing infrastructure issues, education
  • Regional connections/Binational connections
  •  Lake Erie to Lake Ontario connections, connection to natural assists
  • Connect neighborhoods, connect resources, make the bicycle network its own world-class resource
  • Parks and trails, connection to river, bike tours and tourism
  • Public art incorporated at the infrastructure level, creative designs, traffic calming around schools, safe routes to school

GObike Niagara Presentation

Success Exercise: the Bicycle Master Plan will be successful if it: 

  • Informs students in bicycle safety
  • Engages families
  • Creates safe spaces to learn to ride
  • Designed for the non-driving adult population
  • Educational not only for cyclist but motorists
  • Supports school wellness policies in helping them include active transit options
  • Includes a precedent for effective pop-up projects
  • The community is engaged and is educated with and by pop up projects
  • Includes a precedent for larger demonstration events/bicycle events
  • Demonstrates positive economic impacts
  • Supports safe routes to schools
  • Includes safe routes to natural resources
  • Evaluates individual comfort levels across the project
  • Aids in the reduction of crime rates by having more eyes on the streets
  • Supports assisted mobility options such as e-bikes
  • Connects the core city to neighborhoods; the Falls, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, and other linear
  • hydrology; parklands; schools and universities
  • Broadens and strengthens a coalition of invested residents
  • Connects the City to the town of Niagara and to major commercial streets such as NF BLVD 

Next Meeting: January 16 at 9 am


Bicycle Friendly Niagara Falls Stakeholder Committee Minutes from December 5