GObike News

November 18, 2019

Empire State Trail 76% Complete

As of September 2019, three quarters (76%) of the 60 Empire State Trail construction projects are either under construction or complete. The remaining projects are in the contract bidding or final design stage. All Empire State Trail construction projects are on schedule for completion no later …

November 13, 2019

Support the NYS Trails Plan Bill

Do you ever imagine hoping on your bike for a weekend trip to the Finger Lakes? Or dream of a trail system in New York equal to Canada's Friendship Trail, where an easy, well-signed routes takes you straight to the beach? The Trails Plan Bill, recently sent to Governor …

November 13, 2019

Winter Sidewalk Safety: FAQs for Buffalo Residents

The GObike-led and citizen-run Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board for the City of Buffalo has compiled the below list of FAQs for residents on sidewalk maintenance during winter months. 

November 8, 2019

Untokening: A Conference About Mobility Justice

At GObike, we strive to create positive impacts on: health, environment, streets and quality of life. We do this by promoting alternative transportation options. But to make the case that these alternatives are actually good for everyone, we need to understand the communities where we try …

October 29, 2019

State Officials Introduce Vehicular Violence Accountability Act

2019 has been a dangerous year for Buffalo-Niagara cyclists. Across the nation, pedestrian and bicyclist deaths are at all-time highs. State officials have introduced the Vehicular Violence Accountability Act to hold drivers more accountable, remove privileges from dangerous drivers, and …

October 22, 2019

Bicyclist Hit by Buffalo Police Officer on Historically Dangerous Grant Street

A Buffalo bicyclist was hit on Potomac Avenue and Grant Street by a Buffalo Police officer. The bicyclist is in critical condition at ECMC.  The cyclist and their family are in our warmest thoughts, and we sincerely hope for a speedy recovery. 

October 21, 2019

Erie Cattaraugus Trail Update

Erie Cattaraugus Rail Trail, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to the preservation and development of the ECRT corridor, has just completed their first year as trail managers for the trail. Below is an update on their first year.

October 17, 2019

End of the Season Review: Community Workshop

Though our community workshop stays busy year-round with programming, recycle-a-bicycle classes, and, of course, our annual Cranksgiving event, we've have a busy year to-date, with more than 2,000 workshop visitors (and counting!).

October 17, 2019

End of the Season Review: Pop-Up Complete Streets

Since April, GObike has been working with community groups around Western New York to implement pop-up complete street projects. These low-cost temporary infrastructure projects are designed and often constructed by the community, and allow residents to experience traffic calming in their …

October 15, 2019

Passenger Vehicle Emissions Continue to Rise in Buffalo Area

The transportation sector is the greatest source of GHG emissions in New York and the United States. Most of these emissions (60 percent) come from passenger vehicles.