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December 17, 2018

Support Sheridan Drive Bicycle Lanes

NYSDOT has proposed reconfiguring a portion of Sheridan Drive in the Town of Clarence from Transit Road to Main Street. Some local residents are attempting to halt the project. Will you support bike infrastructure by sending a comment to NYSDOT today?

NYSDOT has proposed a road diet for a small portion of Sheridan Drive which will need to be restriped after required mill and overlay maintenance is conducted next fall. Following maintenance, NYSDOT proposed a lane reconfiguration to improve motorized traffic efficiency and safety while enhancing pedestrian and bicycle access in the corridor. The proposed changes include:

  • Reducing two through lanes in each direction to one through lane in each direction;
  • A two-way left turn lane;
  • Dedicated bicycle lanes in each direction;
  • Features such as curb ramps (required by law), sidewalks and high visibility crosswalks installed at the Harris Hill and Shimerville intersections along with upgrades in pedestrian signals; and
  • Crosswalks installed at the ramp at the south-east quadrant of Transit and the ramp to Sheridan.

The $2 million project will be paid for through state and federal funding, according to the Clarence Bee

NYSDOT proposed the changes due to frequent speeding in the corridor, high accident potential due to the absence of a left turning lane, and absence of curb cuts (required by federal law). Since 2015, 103 collisions were reported in the  2.6-mile corridor under consideration. 

Local leadership requested the reconfiguration to be considered by NYSDOT due to safety concerns and supports the project due to their desire to encourage new homeowners and small businesses to come to the area.

Opposition arguments to the project are nothing new, with residents noting they don't believe people walk or ride bikes on the four-lane highway currently as well as the old tried-and-true, "if ain't broke, don't fix it," despite 1940s-era road design concepts proven again and again to be unsafe and inaccessible for pedestrians and cyclists and detrimental to communities, their economies, and their citizen's quality of life. 

A Change.org petition is here but, if you have the time, please send a comment directly to NYSDOT.


I support the current proposed design for Sheridan Avenue in the Town of Clarence from Transit Road to Main Street (Project ID No. 581352). Active transportation accessibility, including the addition of dedicated bicycle lanes, is vital to improving safety for all modes, bicycle and pedestrian accessibility, and quality of life for residents in this corridor.

Support Sheridan Drive Bicycle Lanes