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December 9, 2018

A Diet Considered for Sheridan Drive

The Town of Tonawanda is considering a road diet for Sheridan Drive to create safer access for pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit riders. 

The six to eight-lane boulevard is currently disastrous for pedestrians and bicyclists to access. Town officials and community members would like to change that. A recent Buffalo News article outlines a number of treatments under consideration to make Sheridan Avenue safer, multi-modal, and right-sized for the average number of vehicles per day.  

Proposed changes include: 

  • Dedicated bike lanes;
  • Express bike lanes;
  • Reducing eight-lane sections to four lanes;
  • HAWK signals; and
  • A trio of roundabouts at the three-headed intersection of Sheridan Drive, Niagara Falls Boulevard and Eggert Road on the Tonawanda-Amherst border

Tonawanda road engineer James Jones noted transportation trends are changing due to new technology and millennial ideology which necessitates deviation from century-old design standards. 

Read the encouraging article here




A Diet Considered for Sheridan Drive