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November 25, 2018

Bicycle Found to be Faster than Car and Scooter

A food delivery app found the average trip time is faster for a bicycle than cars and scooters in cities and villages based on data from millions of journeys in 13 countries. 

Those of us who commute by bike like to tout our fast commuting speeds as one of the many, many reasons why traveling by bike is better than driving a car but we’re often met with skepticism. Transportation advocacy groups, such as GObike Buffalo, even go as far as staging commuter races between bike, bus, train, and car to demonstrate the swift effectiveness of bike commuting. Data from a delivery logistics app, Deliveroo, just proved the case.

Developed in England to optimize food order and delivery services, Deliveroo works with 30,000 riders and drivers in 13 counties. Using data from smart phones of drivers and riders for millions of food delivery trips, Deliveroo found the bicycle to be reliably faster than the car in cities. The bicycle is also often faster than the scooter in cities and villages.

Reports Forbes: 

“Delivering millions of simultaneous orders from thousands of restaurants to hungry consumers within 30 minutes using roving self-employed couriers equipped with smartphones is a complex vehicle routing problem: consumers want piping hot food; restaurants want meals picked up when cooked; riders – paid per drop – want multiple deliveries per hour, and Deliveroo needs to make money.”

To solve this complex problem, the company created an algorithm to optimize deliveries (the algorithm is dubbed Frank after Danny Devito’s character in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia). The trip optimization algorithm must predict average speeds based on mode of travel in order to effectively optimize deliveries; on average, the bicycle is faster than the car. 

For more information, check out Forbes’ article here— it’s worth the read. 

Bicycle Found to be Faster than Car and Scooter