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November 16, 2018

GObike Buffalo Receives More Than 85 Unclaimed Bikes from NFTA 

GObike Buffalo received more than 85 unclaimed bicycles NFTA-Metro. The donated bicycles will be used for GObike Buffalo’s recycle-a-bicycle classes, an educational program for children of all ages in which students receive a donated bicycle and strip it down, part-by-part, and rebuild it.

In addition to rules of the road, GObike Buffalo teaches the students how to travel from place to place on two wheels via bike paths and bicycle infrastructure with a final group ride on their rebuilt bicycle around their surrounding neighborhoods and local parks.

“The NFTA’s donation helps us to fulfill our mission of getting more people on bicycles, and we are grateful for our continued partnership,” said Justin Booth, Executive Director of GObike Buffalo. “We know many cyclists are also transit riders so we work closely with the NFTA to create seamless connections between riding a bicycle and boarding the bus or train.” 

Any donated bicycles not used in the recycle-a-bicycle program will be rebuilt in GObike Buffalo’s community workshop and recycled back into the community. 

“We are thrilled to partner with GObike Buffalo and do our part to help those who cannot afford bikes become more independent,” said Tom George, Director, Public Transit, NFTA Metro. “We value GObike Buffalo and recognize the importance of bicycling to provide additional modes of transportation in the community and their strong tie to public transportation."

Donated bicycles from the NFTA had been left by bus patrons on bus bicycle racks. The NFTA Metro stores the bicycles for 90 days before donating to GObike Buffalo. NFTA Metro began donating the bicycles to GObike Buffalo in 2017.

Each year, GObike Buffalo recycles an average 1,000 of bicycles back into the community, thanks to generous donations from community members and organizations such as the NFTA. In 2018, GObike Buffalo has taught 275 children through their recycle-a-bicycle program. 

About GObike. Through advocacy efforts, infrastructure improvements and community programs, GObike Buffalo strives to make positive impacts on our community, environment, health and economy.

About the NFTA. The NFTA is a regional multi-modal transportation authority responsible for airport and surface transportation in Erie and Niagara counties. NFTA/NFTM businesses include a bus, rail and paratransit system, the Buffalo Niagara International Airport and the Niagara Falls International Airport.

GObike Buffalo Receives More Than 85 Unclaimed Bikes from NFTA