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October 19, 2018

GObike Buffalo Completes Walkable Jimmerstown Report

Under the New York State Department of Health's Creating Healthy Schools and Communities grant, GObike Buffalo completed a Seneca Nation Complete Streets Plan for Jimmerstown, New York, outlining measures to calm traffic to create a walkable community.  

Jimmerstown, New York, is located west of Salamanca, in the heart of the Seneca Nations of Indians Allegany Territory. The total population of the largely residential community is 584, with 81% identifying as Native American. Though traffic calming is needed in all communities, a recent study by Smart Growth America found the Native American demographic to be one of the most overrepresented in pedestrian fatalities as compared to other populations (Dangerous by Design, 2018). 

GObike Buffalo worked with the community to establish priority areas and provided recommendations for traffic calming techniques. Recommendations include an entrance gateway to the community with a small roundabout, a delineator curb system, crosswalk additions,  and speed cushions. The full report is available here

GObike Buffalo Completes Walkable Jimmerstown Report