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June 21, 2019

Buffalo Green Code Recognized with National Award 

Buffalo has received another national accolade for being the first major American city to remove minimum parking requirements with the passage of the Buffalo Green Code. 


Each year, Smart Growth America recognizes three American communities for innovation in form-based codes through the Driehaus Form-Based Codes Award, administered by their Form-Based Code Institute and supported by the Richard H. Driehaus Charitable Lead Trust. 

The winner this year is our very own Buffalo Green Code, recognized for its innovation in removing minimum parking requirements, making the City of Buffalo the first major American city to do so.  

Often considered the most significant and longest-standing mistake in American planning, minimum parking requirements dictate the amount of parking required for new developments based on out-dated and under-studied strategies. Minimum parking requirements hurt the environment, individual health, downtown vibrancy and economy, new developments, and small businesses, to name just a few.   

(Confused about why minimum parking requirements are so detrimental to cities and community members? Read this or watch this.)

Noted the awardees: 

“The code legalizes existing desirable but non-compliant development and replaces cumbersome parking requirements with an innovative transportation demand management system. City staff deserve significant credit for their persistent effort to achieve the difficult balance of developing an exemplary code that is also politically acceptable in a complex urban community.” 

In place of parking requirements, Buffalo now requires a transportation management plan for proposed developments, which encourage developers to consider existing and potential access to additional modes of transportation such as train, bus, and bikes. A good example of such is Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation’s 201 Ellicott project which includes a mobility hub to support multi-modal access to the residential building and fresh food market.  

Through our GO Buffalo Niagara program, GObike Buffalo works with developers and employers to develop transportation management plans. We help organizations with strategies and amenities to increase multi-modal access. To learn more about our demand management planning expertise, visit our site

Buffalo Green Code Recognized with National Award