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March 12, 2019

Enforceable Speed Limits Near Buffalo Schools on the Horizon

Buffalo's City Council is considering creating a law to reduce the speed limit around Buffalo City schools for a quarter mile around each of the roughly 100 public, charter, private and parochial schools in Buffalo. 

The current 15 mph signs near city schools are advisory only and thus not enforceable by city police. Concern for pedestrian safety near city schools is on the rise as the number of community schools increases, which are designed to attract students living within 7/10 of a mile from the school. Twenty one community schools have opened in the past three years and will (hopefully) increase the number of students walking and biking to school. 

GObike Buffalo has been working on creating safe routes to schools since 2012.  With hundreds of city school students educated through our recycle-a-bicycle program each year, we hope this initiative passes to encourage safer pedestrian and bicycling environments near schools and throughout the city.

City council plans to host a minimum of four public outreach meetings to solicit community feedback on the proposed change. 

The proposal will be discussed in the Legislation Committee meeting on Tuesday, March 12. 

More information on the proposed change is available on the Buffalo News

Enforceable Speed Limits Near Buffalo Schools on the Horizon