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February 1, 2019

GObike Releases Three-Year Strategic Plan

Thanks to support from the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation, GObike Buffalo has developed an organizational strategic plan for the next three years to outline and define our trajectory. Highlights include expanding our geographic scope to include all of Western New York, sharpening our advocacy teeth by engaging our like-minded members, and increasing consideration of our opportunities to engage and advocate for those who are marginalized.



The planning process, which took place throughout the second half of 2018, began with a broad input process that included interviews with key stakeholders, focus groups, and a broader survey of GObike members. We examined other regions of the country with models/structures we can learn from and sought to understand the unique aspects of Western New York that must be taken into account.

Our board and staff met in planning workshops to make fundamental decisions about the vision we share and the scope of GObike’s activities moving forward. We sought to understand the ideas and philosophies that tie us together and the fundamental strategies we can pursue. As we developed various drafts, our Ad Hoc Planning Committee worked to ensure what we are presenting worked toward addressing six important “Cs”: Context, Clarity, Confidence, Collaboration, Consensus, and Compelling.

There are several key themes weaving their way through the document:

  • Broadening the scope of our mission to all of Western New York.
  • Promoting collective impact by using our resources to connect and empower; and encouraging and supporting local efforts while serving as the advocacy, policy, and operational backbone organization.
  • The need to be more self-sufficient, creating new and consistent income streams as we pursue partnerships with foundations, governments, community groups, and organizations.
  • Continuing to move toward metrics to measure GObike’s progress and that of the communities we are here to enhance.
  • The clear tie-in of the GObike mission with broader efforts to improve our environment and quality of life for all communities and visitors
  • Enhancing the GObike profile in advocacy and active mobility beyond cycling.
  • Putting in place the underlying capacity to deliver on our strategies and goals.

This Strategic Plan is a living document, intended to be updated at least annually as circumstances change and new opportunities arise. We appreciate any feedback, new ideas, and identification of opportunities that we may choose to pursue. Thank you for your continuing support.

View the full plan here

An overview of the strategic plan is available here

GObike Releases Three-Year Strategic Plan