Discover Buffalo by Bike

With flat terrain, scenic views, waterways and trails, Buffalo is a great place to ride. In a city full of Olmsted Parks, historic landmarks, stunning architecture and diverse cultures, you can look around and appreciate everything Buffalo has to offer. You'll save time, money and the hassle of parking and help make our city a little greener by reducing auto emissions!

Bike culture has thrived in Buffalo since the late 1800s — today, that culture builds bridges, connects communities, empowers residents, and offers countless opportunities to have fun, be active and make friends. 

We invite you to be a part of it. Hop on and discover Buffalo by Bike. 


Explore Buffalo by Reddy Bike.

It’s only $3 to sign up for a 2-Day Pass. Visit Reddy Bike

Discover Buffalo by Bike.

Hop on the Shoreline Trail at Canalside or LaSalle Park and see where it takes you. View our bike rides

Experience Buffalo by Bike. 

Biking is an easy and fun way to get to Buffalo’s many outdoor community events and festivals. Go to Visit Buffalo Niagara to find an event.