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University District Community Development Association | July 13, 2019, 12-4 pm

Crossroads of Creativity

The University District Community Development Association is proud to announce our 2nd Annual Crossroads of Creativity event taking place on Saturday, July 13, 2019 from 12:00pm-4:00pm at the Crossroads of Minnesota Linear Park and the North Buffalo Rail Trail!

Last year’s event helped kick-off a comprehensive planning and community placemaking initiative to transform the Crossroads into a world class public space meant to connect the neighborhoods of University Heights and North Buffalo. Building off of this success the UDCDA will continue to plan programming around this invaluable green space to inspire our guests to engage in health and wellness, art and relaxation activities in right within our community. Many who attended last summer admitted that they have lived next to the Crossroads for years and never knew the green space existed. To their surprise, after spending the day at the Crossroads with a folding chair or blanket in hand, they realized a relaxing day outside was just a short walk away from home.

With your support, the UDCDA plans to make the Crossroads of Creativity an annual event to bring awareness to these green spaces, stress the importance of active living, and provide an opportunity for residents of all ages to shape the development of this truly unique public place!

The day’s events include:

  • Instructor-led aerobics for all levels
  • A chalk art contest
  • Family-oriented art projects
  • A guided bike ride along the trail
  • Information tables with local community organizations
  • The chance to share ideas with mural artists
  • A raffle for a FREE Reddy Bikeshare pass
  • Refreshments
Crossroads of Creativity
The Crossroads
Minnesota Linear Park and the North Buffalo Rails to Trails